Covid-19 Information Center 

New Limited Visitation Plan

Good news! Effective 6/13/2021 we are opening our visitation to meet the current CDC guidelines. Appointments and testing will no longer be required but there will be limitations on visiting hours and the number of visitors. All visitors must go directly to the resident room or visitation center and will be screened at the front desk upon entry.

Responses that are still in place

• Residents may once again go out with family members and loved ones, but it is strongly recommended that residents follow CDC guidelines during these visits including but not limited to; masking, social distancing and hand hygiene.
• We strongly advise residents to not gather in large crowds such as grocery stores and are happy to accommodate this change by accepting deliveries that are dropped off at front desk and by stocking up the Manor store.
• Vendors delivering packages are dropped off at front desk for our staff to deliver
• Front Desk staff are asking all visitors to wash their hands and sanitize prior to entering
• We postponed/cancelled all community events in which external visitors are expected
• We are eliminating all excursions to public gathering spaces including grocery stores, religious
     services, malls, theatres and salons.
• Our hair salon follows the current guidelines of sanitation and 1 person at a time.
• We have increased our cleaning protocols for resident safety including:
     o Disinfecting high touch areas like elevator buttons & doorknobs several times a day
     o Increased cleaning of high traffic areas such as the dining room
     o Reinforcing handwashing and increasing hand sanitizer stations 
• Residents were given a presentation on proper handwashing & coughing etiquette
• Staff have their temperature taken at the start of every shift before entering
• All staff are required to wear a mask within 6ft of residents
• We are inviting residents to participate in video chats with their loved ones
• Meal Service remains social distant one per table
• There are markers throughout the building to show you where to stand 6ft apart
• All furniture has been rearranged for 6 ft distance
• The mail is sorted and available at front desk
• Enriched Residents are screened for symptoms and temperature daily
• Residents are given masks to wear around the community
• Elevators are limited to 1 person per trip
• All employees are tested weekly for COVID-19
• Enriched residents who consented have been tested
• Admission guidelines are in place to screen for COVID-19 in new residents
• All residents and staff are strongly encouraged and assisted in receiving the vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

We are pleased to inform you that many of our residents and staff have been vaccinated against COVID-19. The vaccine promises to be our most effective defense against this virus.

Vaccines offer safe, effective, and proven defense against many types of infection. The
COVID-19 Vaccine information below is available for you to download. View the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Vaccine Fact Sheet.

Pfizer Vaccine Information

You can also access specific information on the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine here.

Pfizer Vaccine Fact Sheet

Moderna Vaccine Information 

You can access specific information on the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine here.

Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheet

CDC Vaccine Information

The COVID-19 Vaccine information below is available for you to download. View the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Vaccine Fact Sheet.

CDC Fact Sheet